Fruit (cranberries, raisins, bananas), whole wheat flour (wheat, teff), water, sugar, wheat flour, wheat gluten, carrot, yeast, linseed flour, wheat germ, salt, sourdough powder (wheat), barley malt powder, calcium carbonate, rapeseed oil, riboflavin, lactic acid bacteria.


The unique composition of the bread is based on the most recent scientific insights focused on sports nutrition research. The Sportsgrain consists only of pure raw materials.



Depending on the type of effort, duration, intensity and objective, the athlete chooses his strategy to supplement fuels. On the basis of these factors, one will choose to supplement carbohydrates or not during exercise.
With endurance efforts, it is advisable to supplement carbohydrates during exercise, while in sport and power sports the advice is to do this in the breaks between play and exercise moments. The strategy for sports with lots of rest breaks, such as BMX bikes, differs. For this, a small amount of carbohydrates is advised in between every 20 minutes as a result of the high intensity during the competition and training moments. This involves 7 - 15 grams per meal. The Sportsgrain Bar (70 grams) contains 32.5 grams of carbohydrates.


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