Skating Team

This is a very special bread. This bread ensures that we have energy for a very long time and it tastes excellent!

European champion all-round ice skating Jan Blokhuijsen of skating team Team Corendon explains during a broadcast by Knevel and Van den Brink why his team uses the innovative bread. "You just notice that this bread slowly releases the energy to the blood, that you stay much more stable in your sugar level."

Team Corendon ate the bread for the first time at Topsportrestaurant Papendal. Erik te Velthuis, chef at the restaurant, explains during the same broadcast why the bread is so good for top athletes. "The carbohydrate structure of this bread is very special. In addition, the bread only consists of pure raw materials, so without additions of, for example, sugars. It has been scientifically calculated which raw materials the bread must contain and how much. "

Sportsgrain Bar provided the complete Dutch Olympic team with this bread during the Winter Games in Sochi.




An excellent source of energy for (ultra) running and hiking in the mountains, which gives energy evenly, as well as a well-filled feeling.

Jan Fokke was one of the 420 participants of the Salomon4Trails; a running race of 155 km and 10,000 altitude meters in three countries in four days. He was supported by Sportsgrain Bars during this hard trip (100 drop-outs!). 'The advantage of the Bars compared to, for example, gels, is that you really have something in your stomach. If you run 29 hours in a week only on gels, your stomach feels empty. You then have the feeling that there is nothing to burn. With the Sportsgrain Bar the opposite is true. They give energy and fill well. In addition, the Bar prevents you from experiencing a glucose dip - and therefore mental dips.
In addition, they taste excellent; more savory than some very sweet bars and tastier than currant buns or gingerbread. Highly recommended! '




Running half an hour to an hour on a cup of coffee in the morning is fine. Not with supping, in no time I stand with trembling legs on my board, there is no more strength from my arms and I don't like anyone anymore, so that is not the way to go. The Sportsgrain Bar is ideal!

Fanatic superstar Hester Ozinga tried out the Sportsgrain Bar and was immediately enthusiastic. "In addition to being an ienergy source for supping, I like to put some Sportsgrain Bars in my bag when I have to go to a (top) sports event. I like good food, but also healthy. As a freelancer I work a lot on events and I often have long days.

During the last event where I was working, I still had a Sportsgrain Bar in my bag. Nice to eat something that you know works. The Sportsgrain Bar is a good alternative to other energy bars and a responsible way of gathering energy for delivering top performance, even in my work. "




Thanks to the combination of fresh fruits and bread, the Sportsgrain Bar tastes very good. In addition, the nutritional value is an absolute plus for a successful recovery after a heavy training.


Sanneke de Neeling is one of the skaters of the Dutch Junior Team, and thus belongs to the next generation of Olympic champions. During their training camp (early May of this year) she, together with her teammates, was able to try out the Sportsgrain Bar. And that's good. Teammate Willemijn Cnossen is just as enthusiastic about the Bar as Sanneke. "It is a very fine bar.


He is not too heavy and is not too light either. Actually the Sportsgrain Bar is just right! ". Melissa Wijfje was also happy that the Sportsgrain Bar was attending a training camp. "A tasty and healthy energy bar that complements the energy needs after a long-distance ride or a heavy workout". Coach Jeroen van der Lee, who brought the Sportsgrain Bar, concluded: "The Bar is tasty fresh and nutritious in the right way".